Lime Aid
One of the most vital challenges for any nonprofit organization is to effectively communicate information about their cause, their services and their immediate needs. Too often, the very people and organizations that need assistance the most have the least amount of resources for the professional design and communication services they so desperately need. Each year, Lime Creative donates time and design services for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do.

What exactly is Lime Aid?
Let’s face it, some causes and messages are simply too important to be silenced by a lack of funds. Lime Aid is a
pro bono design program that was founded to assist individuals and nonprofit organizations serving the northeast Ohio area.

The term
pro bono is often misunderstood to mean “free,” which is not how Lime Aid should be regarded. In fact, pro bono loosely translates to “for the public good,” and that is precisely why Lime Aid exists. Please keep in mind that this program is not intended to be a free service for individuals or organizations with access to financial resources, yet desire or expect free services because they technically fall under the not-for-profit/501c3 umbrella. In these instances, a portion of the project may be donated or completed in its entirely at a special non-profit rate.

LIME cannot provide free printing and mailing services, photography, fonts, online hosting or domain registration as part of the Lime Aid program. What LIME can do is offer free creative services such as assessment and consultation, strategic planning, content development and graphic design.

The selection process.
Individuals and nonprofit organizations who would like to be considered for the Lime Aid program should email a brief description of their organization and the audience it serves, as well as the services they are requesting. All requests are carefully reviewed and considered, and you will receive a response to your inquiry within 48 hours. Unfortunately, Lime Aid will not be able to fulfill all requests due to time and resource restrictions. Final determination of all requests will be made at the discretion of Lime Creative.