The Original Lime Stress Reliever
If you haven’t given one a squeeze yet, here is LIME’s latest promotional item. I like to call it “The Original Lime Stress Reliever” and its purpose is simply to remind everyone in a fun way that LIME is here to help ease some of your design-related stress and worries.

I love this project for a number of reasons. Making the little wooden crates has become a therapeutic exercise in patience and precision, allowing me to tap into my creativity in a whole new way. The design of the crate labels allowed me to represent one of the things I love most about living and working in Akron, Ohio — blimp sightings. I can't help but gaze upward when I hear the familiar sound of the Goodyear® blimp hovering low over Akron’s skyline. It’s majestic and makes me happy — and I wanted to somehow capture that unique Akron experience.

If you have not received a Lime Stress Reliever and you would like one to alleviate your design stress and anxiety, please request one by clicking here. I would be more than happy to mail you one of these award-winning crates today!