The name says it all.
A great deal of time and energy went into the discovery and development of the Lime Creative name. I wanted the name to portray a certain degree of zest and freshness — something that reflects the very nature of my work and somehow connects emotionally with my clients by relating to their own experiences.

Limes are really quite amazing. Never intended to be a main course, the lime is the secret ingredient that complements the experience and brings out the natural flavors. Even something as perfect as a glass of water tastes more crisp with a twist of lime. As a garnish, its richness in color and texture adds to any composition. You see, what I produce for my clients is not about me or just some design principle that only other designers would recognize. It's about designing your information and telling your story in an effective manner that generates results. No matter how you slice it, the lime is the perfect metaphor for everything I strive to accomplish
through the designs I create.

Mixing it up and making it happen.
How can one person serve all of your needs? With 24 years of experience in design, creative writing and project management, I excel at bringing solutions to my clients, no matter what their needs or stage of business growth. Whether your project is big or small, I personally provide my undivided attention to your needs. My years of working for other agencies and with other designers, programmers, writers and photographers gives me the ability to reach out and partner with these individuals to give you the best possible results. I won’t accept a project that is beyond my capabilities and I don’t make promises that I can’t keep.

But wait! Before you click off this site and go to the bigger guys, consider how much you can save and how much there is to gain by working with a smaller design agency. I intentionally keep my overhead costs low and pass those savings on to you. My
fees are very reasonable because I understand and appreciate that you are purchasing my time, expertise and services — not a fleet of company cars or a trendy office space. You deserve quality design services at a fair price. It's that simple.

Impossible deadlines?
I offer quick turnaround times without hidden fees and rush charges.

Tight budget restraints?
I have a creative solution for every budget. After all, great design doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be effective.

Short on staff?
I understand how important it is for you to work with a designer that knows your business and industry intrinsically. That’s why I make every effort to learn about your organization, delve into the problem you wish to solve, and make real connections with the people you want your message to reach.

Hate working with overzealous artsy types?
So do I! Sure, winning design awards can be great fun and they look nice in your office, too. Having won my fair share of honors over the years, I believe I am qualified to say this: the best designers and the best designs do not always win the awards. What the best designers do win is business — for themselves and their clients.

I am committed to helping you, my client, reach your goals. I won’t suggest any visual solution that doesn’t strengthen your organization’s identity and support your overall mission. I’m not afraid to ask questions. I listen. And I create designs that answer your needs and speak to your intended audience.